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SOKY Strongman

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Fee is $35 until Nov. 1st,

$70 from Nov. 2nd to Jan. 1st,

$100 until event.

Mammoth Strength Challenge II

Iron Warrior 


Strongman Corp LvL II event
List of events

Press Medley
Log, Axle, Mouser Block, Viking Press
Each will be one lift then press away on the Viking

Tire flip
3 tires increasing difficulty 3,2,1 reps

Stone Medley
2 natural stone for 60'
Husafedlt stone max distance inside of 75 sec

Truck pull
Arm over arm 60'

Conans Wheel
Max distance

The event will be at the WKU Brown L.D. Ag Expo Center! January 6th 2018, 10 - 5.